IVISYS develops and sells advanced machine vision inspection systems that provide solutions for flaw detection, verification, and measurement applications. Our systems build on novel patented algorithms that are invariant to object rotation and scaling and robust against varying illumination conditions, thus expanding the range of applications for successful machine vision solutions and significantly enhancing the success rates and reliability of these compared to conventional systems.

After years of dedicated research and development, IVISYS has developed a new method to perform automated quality control for the manufacturing industry. This has brought out IVISYS Pro, a stand-alone vision system capable of performing difficult quality control tasks with less than one hour setup.

Today we supply the most flexible, robust and easy to use vision system for the manufacturing industry. IVISYS is still a young company questioning the historic truth of the way we look at vision-based quality control. IVISYS has a desire to improve the ease of use, in order to make automated vision inspection more widespread in the manufacturing industry.

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